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Contact Us

Below we have provided a list of email addresses for all RUPD police officers. They can also be contacted via their individual voicemails by calling 732-932-3913.

If you cannot find the person you are looking for below, please email

Contact Information

Rutgers Police Department
Public Safety Building
55 Commercial Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

For any Emergency Dial

From a University Phone
Obtain an outside line Dial

Alternate Non-Emergency
Public Safety Numbers

Camden Campus:
Health Sciences Campus:
Newark Campus:
New Brunswick Campus:

Program These Numbers
into Your Cellular Phone

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Kenneth Cop, Executive Director of Police Services / Chief of Police
Michael Rein, Captain


Stephen Acquaviva, Lieutenant
Brian Emmett, Lieutenant
Paul Fischer, Lieutenant
Matthew Gulsby, Lieutenant
Timothy Walsh, Lieutenant

Felisa Brasington, Sergeant
Jason Carrano, Sergeant
Jennifer Hammill, Sergeant
Valerie Laspino, Sergeant
Julio Lugo, Sergeant 
Eric Nielsen, Sergeant
Emma O'Flanagan, Sergeant
Swannetta Pitt,  Sergeant
Joseph Ray, Sergeant

Carlos Rodriguez, Sergeant
Odell Russell, Sergeant
Manuel Simoes Sergeant
Colin Weiss, Sergeant
Timothy Wilmot, Sergeant 


Detective Bureau & Records Bureau

Brian Emmett, Lieutenant
Valerie Laspino, Detective Sergeant
Joseph Ray, Detective Sergeant
Carlos Rodriguez, Sergeant
Bryant Myers, Officer

Mary Hathaway, Secretarial Assistant
Kathryn Visokay, Public Safety Assistant - Records

Police Officers

Manuel Acevedo, Police Officer
Julissa Alvarado, Police Officer
Demetrios Anastasastos, Police Officer
Peter Bianchi, Police Officer
John Cercatore, Police Officer
Josh Chatterjee, Police Officer
Carlos Correa, Police Officer
Marlise Correa, Police Officer
Megan Moschberger, Police Officer
Michael D'Angelo, Police Officer
William DeFalco, Police Officer
Kenneth Ford, Community Police Officer
Gabriel Gausachs, Police Officer
George Garcia, Police Officer
Todd Giese, Police Officer
Emerson Ghee, Police Officer
Jovanni Innocent, Police Officer
Keith Johnson, Police Officer
Dino Locacio, Police Officer
Eileen Lopez, Police Officer
Maciej Mlynaryk, Police Officer
Richard McGilvery, Police Officer
Malika McLaughlin, Police Officer
Bryant Myers, Police Officer
Richard Pinto, Police Officer
Brian Ruditsky, Police Officer
Robert Schneider, Police Officer
David Skerbetz, Police Officer
David Synosky, Police Officer Recruit  
Edwin Tejada, Police Officer
Roger Terry, Police Officer
Rodney Tillery, Police Officer
Leonardo Tolosa, Community Police Officer
Colin Weiss, Police Officer
Roland Torres, Police Officer
Alexander Welisevich, Police Officer

Security Officer Unit

Vincent DeNota, Manager / Commander
Timothy Burdash, Second Lieutenant

Melvin Burgess, Second Lieutenant
Raymond Mathews Second Lieutenant
Lisette Agosto, Security Officer
Stephen Atkin, Security Officer
Joseph Borbely, Security Officer
Young Chul Cho, Security Officer
Ronald Cohen, Security Officer
Stacey Craddock, Security Officer
Kaitlin Deptula, Security Officer
Maria Ducos, Security Officer
Sadayah Durant, Security Officer
Clarence EscoberSecurity Officer
Catherine Frederick, Security Officer
Rebecca Freiday, Security Officer
Louis Gerber-Varga, Security Officer
Brian Gillespie, Security Officer
Shaun Green, Security Officer
Sean Hogan, Security Officer
Brittani Kintner, Security Officer
Anthony Larobina, Security Officer
Jeffrey Mack, Security Officer
Paul Pellinger, Security Officer
Rebecca Phillips, Security Officer
Ailna Pitera, Security Officer
Troy Powell, Security Officer
Andre Reid, Security Officer
Alberto Rivas, Security Officer
Umar Saeed, Security Officer
Steven Sarna, Security Officer
Michael Shiminsky, Security Officer
Brenda Sorgi, Security Officer
Clifford Souffrant, Security Officer
Deborah Wade, Security Officer
Stewart Way, Security Officer

Thomas Zink, Security Officer
P. Thomas Waid, Security Officer


Dispatch & Communications

Jason Carrano, Sergeant
Eileen McElhaney, Communications
Jennifer Jankowski, Dispatcher 911
Kevin Kobovitch, Dispatcher 911
Benjamin Klein, Dispatcher 911
Meghan Lynch,
Dispatcher  911
Veronica Pakit, Dispatcher 911
Robert Poli, Dispatcher 911

Stephanie Rivera, Dispatcher 911

Community Service Officer Program

Leroy Washington, CSO Commander
Matthew Iozzio, Exective Aide / Division Supervisor 

Official Patch Request

The Rutgers University Police Department does not provide patches to individuals.

Patch requests are provided only to law enforcement professionals representing a law enforcement agency. These requests must be submitted on the agency's official department letterhead to:

Office of the Chief of Police
Rutgers University Police Department
55 Commercial Avenue
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901


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