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Contact Us

Below we have provided a list of email addresses for Rutgers Police Department representatives in New Brunswick, Newark and Camden.

If you cannot find the person you are looking for below, please email or visit the University's online directory at

Contact Information

For an Emergency
(Police, Fire, Medical)

Dial 9-1-1

Emergency Numbers
From a University Phone

Obtain an outside line, then dial 9-1-1

Non-Emergency Numbers
Rutgers University-Camden
Biomedical and Health Sciences at Newark
Rutgers University-Newark
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Get Emergency Alerts on Your Cell Phone
During emergencies, accurate information is important. Rutgers students, faculty and staff can receive up-to-date information conveniently via cell phone text message. To register, update your emergency-notification information (NetID Required).

Program the Alternate
Public Safety Numbers into Your Cellular Phone

Download a Printable Roster

Police Administration

New Brunswick Division: (732) 932-7211
Kenneth Cop, Executive Director of Public Safety / Chief of Univ. Police
Michael Rein, Deputy Chief of University Police
Paul Fischer, Captain

Newark Division: (973) 972-7551
John Huertas, Chief of Police
Alex Rabar, Captain
John Bell, Lieutenant & OEM Liaison

Camden Division: (856) 225-6111
Richard Dinan, Chief of Police

Professional Standards

Stephen Acquaviva, Lieutenant
Matthew Gulsby, Lieutenant
Emma O'Flanagan, Lieutenant
Todd Giese, Detective Sergeant
Francisco Bonner, Sergeant
Sean Skala, Sergeant


New Brunswick Division: (848) 932-8025
Brian Emmett, Detective Lieutenant
Joseph Ray, Detective Sergeant
Carlos Rodriguez, Detective Sergeant
Bryant Myers, Detective Sergeant

Newark Division: (973) 972-6394
Gregg Hippe, Detective Lieutenant
Daniel Duran, Detective Sergeant 
Leslie Jones III, Detective Sergeant 
Armando Quinones, Detective Sergeant 
Samuel Rodriguez, Detective Sergeant

Camden Division: (856) 225-6009
Linne' Getsinger, Sergeant

Patrol Operations

New Brunswick Division: (732) 932-3913
Manuel Simoes, Lieutenant
Colin Weiss, Lieutenant
Timothy Wilmot
, Lieutenant
Felisa Brasington, Sergeant
Carlos Correa, Sergeant
George Garcia
, Sergeant
Julio Lugo, Sergeant
Eric Nielsen, Sergeant
Swannetta Pitt, Sergeant
Odell Russell, Sergeant

Newark Division: (973) 972-4491
Jamie Hendrix, Lieutenant
Michael Shoulars, Lieutenant 
Varfee Siryon, Lieutenant 
Michael Calabrese, Sergeant 
Michael Jason Farella, Sergeant 
Davion Jackson
, Sergeant 
Myron Jordan, Sergeant 
Ian Korff, Sergeant 
Michael Prendeville, Sergeant 
Jeffrey Rouse, Sergeant
Anthony Timbol, Sergeant 
Daryl Yelverton, Sergeant

Camden Division: (856) 225-6111
Jennifer Hammill, Lieutenant
Gregory Gasperone, Sergeant
Harry Hertfelder, Sergeant
Harvey Johnson, Sergeant
Jonathan Biondi, Acting Sergeant

Security & Community Service Officer Program

New Brunswick Division
Vincent DeNota, Director Security Services / CSO Program Manager
Matthew Iozzio, Executive Aide / CSO Supervisor

Newark Division
Jimmy Rivera, Security Supervisor / Campus Safety Administrator
Jeffrey Vasquez, Manager / Commander

Camden Division
Dennis Coyle, Security Lieutenant

Official Patch Request

The RUPD does not provide patches to individuals. Patch requests are provided only to law enforcement professionals representing a law enforcement agency. These requests must be submitted on the agency's official department letterhead to:

Office of the Chief of Police
Rutgers University Police Department
55 Commercial Avenue
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901