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Alcohol Awareness


Alcohol Awareness

Whether general in nature or tailored to the specific needs of any requesting group, RUPD offers a number of formal and informal programs and training on a diverse range of topics. In addition to the ones listed below we have also customized presentations for public schools in surrounding communities and for specific groups on campus. Prevention and awareness are the greatest deterrents to crime so we believe our support of these programs is essential to maintaining a safe community.

Contact Information

Rutgers Police Department
Public Safety Building
55 Commercial Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

For any Emergency Dial

From a University Phone
Obtain an outside line Dial

Alternate Non-Emergency
Public Safety Numbers

New Brunswick Campus
(732) 932 -7111
or 2-7111 from any Campus Phone

Newark Campus
(973) 353-5111
or 5111 from any Campus Phone

Camden Campus
(856) 225-6111
or 6111 from any Campus Phone

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Rutgers Comprehensive Alcohol and Traffic Education and Enforcement Program (RCAT)
RCAT is a community-based program funded by the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety grant. RUPD solicits input from students and employees of the university on innovative ways to reduce alcohol and illegal drug use by the university community. Police officers are available to provide interactive presentations to groups and organizations to increase awareness of the hazards of alcohol abuse and illegal drug activity. For more information contact Lt. Brian Emmett at 848-932-4844.

Download our Alcohol Awareness brochure.

Driving While Intoxicated
“I only had two drinks, I can drive.” This age old line is brought to a different light in this RUPD program. Participants put on glasses that create a physical state of how much alcohol really does distort vision and perception while driving. Available upon request for groups of 5-10. For more information contact Lt. Brian Emmett at 848-932-4844.


Techniques of Alcohol Management ®
Developed by the licensed beverage industry in conjunction with liquor control, law enforcement, highway safety and substance abuse organizations, this program covers a wide variety of information including:

  • False Identification
  • Laws, Rules, and Regulations
  • Clinical Effects of Alcohol
  • Customer Disturbances
  • Alcohol Management

For more information or to set up a program, please contact Lt. Brian Emmett at 848-932-4844.


RUPD conducts a number of presentations to university groups and the surrounding communities. In many instances these presentations are customized to address a specific topic for a specific audience. Some topics are:

  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention
  • Alcohol and Public Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Safety and Security in the Workplace
  • Measures Against Automobile Theft

For more information or to set up an informational presentation, please contact Lt. Brian Emmett at 848-932-4844.

RUPD also supports and works in conjunction with campus groups that initiate public safety programs such as RU Safe?, Sexual Assault Services and Crime Victim Assistance and Health Services.